Sunday, May 8, 2011

8/5/2011 - The Beginning Story of College life !

Hi all!

Nice to see you guys again!

How was your life?
Did you all had a lot of great time like me leh?

Well I did enjoyed myself a lot since
there's a lot of good things happened during these time.

Interested to know what goody happened to me right?

Wanna know right?

All right then

I shall.....
Continue keep it as secret.

Just kidding

First of all
I enjoyed my birthday very much lor

The reason is because...

Don't understand?
Thats your problem

Main point
I enjoyed that day very much
and I love the present very much too

Thanks a lot to you

You know who I mean

I also
First time went to
the Sushi King Bonanza

Quite disappointed
Because of it's food quality
but what much do you expect from RM2 sushi?
So I still enjoy it

First time had my Starbucks drinks
During the promotion

The Chocolate Cream Chip
If I didn't remember wrongly

Yong sui daooo

First time in my new school
The TAR College
Was there for the orientation week.

Become white face after playing games

Although the orientation last for 4 day long
which causes all of us very tired and exhausted
but still
We enjoyed it very much !

Hera OSH!

Last but not least

First time for posting such photos

Happy Mother's day mom !

That's all for now

Tomorrow will be officially the first day of studying in TARC
Hope that I can adapt myself at there

And hope you guys will enjoy
yourself in your new study place too

See you guys again in next post



I'm cherishing every moment I can
I'm appreciating every time I have
I'm thankful for everything you gave
Thank you

Sunday, March 13, 2011

13/3/2011 - New year | New Life

Hi !
Long time no "see"
How are you all ? ><

Sorry for being so long for not updating my blog
Well after the last update then was busying preparing for SPM

After finish SPM still busy for camp and performances

You didn't saw wrong

I joined camp for the first time

it was a very good experience
Get to know a lot of new people
And even got a reward from this camp
Sweet =D

Then yup again
I performed in an exhibition
What did I performed?
It's actually a dance with
Waygen, YinWin, Jiunn Harng, Ken, Elmo, and Daryl
It was fun although we had quite a lot of hard time learning the dance moves
But we still got second for it xP

Well after these two
I started working at Siam Express

Yea yea

A Thai-Restaurant
Starting working at there
The food at there was really spicy
Everytime I finishing up the food they provided
I always end up stomach got the feeling of burning
And also sitting in toilet for a time being

But after a while
The chef knew my problem
and he reduce the spiciness of the food just for me
Really thanks a lot Abang Boy =D

I enjoyed my time working at there although it was kinda tiring
But still thanks a lot to all of those who been helping me
Giving me a helping hand
and accepting my arrogance ><

Those people are

Raymond the entao senior
Abang JayJay the best supervisor ever
Abbas the most IN manager
Dave the inspiring manager
Han + Aniqah + Shuhadah + Shafiq + Zulfahmi the helping partners
Kak Kittima + Hany + Joe aka peng you + Lin + Boy the professional kitchen crews

Really thanks you all !

There was also a lot of things happened during these 6 months
Because of you

Special thanks to you
You changed my life
Thanks you
1 word for you
and you know which word is it

That's all for now
A short summary for the past 6 months happened on me
I enjoy my life in these 6 months
Did you guys enjoyed also ?

If you didn't
Then you must !

My blog's name is

Enjoy Your Life !


This is the end of my post
See you guys again in next update
See ya !

Saturday, October 9, 2010

9 / 10 / 2010 - Queensbay outing

Went to Queensbay
with Alvin, ChanWei, YikYing and Jun Fang
and we watched this movie

The Legend of Guardian : The Owls of Ga'hoole

We watched the movie


The 3D spectacles

I think the movie was not bad ~

Got some really nice 3D effects
Felt wanted to catch the feathers dropped by the owls xD

In this movie also can see some cute owls xD
Eg was so cute~

But got a bit sim tia ..
RM16 for a movie

Give it a rating of4.0/5.0
For the cute owls

I also made one of the hardest decision I ever made

Which was...

Sitting in Waygen's driving car !

Ok la
His driving skill is good
I mean very good !
(Waygen happy d? )


He very keat d
Already can use one hand turn corner
Somemore show peace when I trying to take his photo

That's it for today !

42 days left to SPM
Let us all do our best !

Another post after a long hibernating
I think I'm really getting lazy to update blog already
Will try to keep on updating eh ~
So don't get angry on me har

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Step Up 3 rocks !

Went to Gurney to watch StepUp 3
with Ken, Harng and Dexter

Some people are learn to dance. Others are born to.

A must watch for all dancing fans !
Even you are not a fans of dancing
You might end up wanted to learn dancing after watching this
Just like Ken

Nice songs
Awesome skills
Brilliant effects

Also !
Many pretty and handsome dancers!

Rating : 4.6/5
Great movie !

Why it is not available in 3D !?
Grrr ..